We are always on the lookout for great new people to join our team. Have a read of the below and if you like the sound of it then send your CV to


Why we opened Lucky’s and why you might like to work here.

Lucky’s opened its doors in January 2018. The idea was to create a fun, cosy neighbourhood bar, cafe & pizza joint and back yard, a place where we could have our pals around, play music, stick our heads under the taps etc.

So far so good… more or less. We are settling in and have built a nice amount of regulars. Our first year, however, has not been without its challenges, but the longer we spend here the more we believe in this project and we want to build a team who will bring Lucky’s to life, adding a genuinely vibrant new watering hole to the Dublin scene.

We are looking for a people with a combination of bar experience (ideally 1 year plus), skills (cafe, cocktail, bar etc) and, most importantly, a great attitude towards guests, coworkers, food & drink, learning, hospitality, ideas and innovation.

Here are some things to consider about Lucky’s, bullet pointed for your pleasure. If this appeals to you then please send us your CV to

What Lucky’s is

  • A neighbourhood bar & cafe in the Liberties

  • A place that offers interesting drinks, great pizza, good music and a very nice yard

  • A place with an emphasis on community, including regular art exhibitions; music events and parties; and a place for groups to hold creative events

What Lucky’s isn't

  • A glam cocktail joint/club in the middle of town

  • An investor-led bar group

Some things you get when
working at Lucky’s

  • €12 per hour starting wage

  • Paid breaks

  • Eat for free every day (sambo/pizza etc), free coffee

  • No super late nights (we close 12:30am latest)

  • Sales incentives

  • Discounted premium coffee (Full Circle Roasters) to take home

  • Training & Trips (Coffee, barista, brewery etc)

  • An opportunity to put your stamp on the place

  • Frequent interaction with local puppies

Who we are

Lucky’s was opened by three pals. One setup and ran The Bernard Shaw and The Locals; one works in music and one was freed from Google after serving only 1/10th of his sentence. We all met DJing years back, still run a few club nights and, late one night, with drink taken, agreed to put all our confirmation money in a bucket and find a bar to open in Dublin City. Two years later Lucky’s was born.


Our phone number is +353 1 556 2397 but we might not be able to answer when bar is closed/busy, so email is your best bet. We will respond to you asap. Contact on or by using the form below

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